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● 我??那些????并?我?一个’??’和’?价’的人提供高?量的原???。

??那些想看直男淫?的人?建的新?? [Onataring EX] CASE:81
A new label created just for those who want to see straight men’s lasciviousness [Onataring EX] CASE:81

Shingo-kun fans, we have been waiting for you! This time, Shingo-kun, the handsome basketball player who is very popular in Onataring Case 06, 14, and 50, makes his first appearance in a while.
新吾君的粉??,我?来了! ?次,在《Onataling 案例 06》、《14》和《50》中大受?迎的?气?球??? Shingo-kun 很久没有露面了。


Since then, he has introduced me to his friends from the same club, the very popular and handsome Shun-kun from Onataling Case 66 and his junior and erotic body Kazuto from Onataling Case 79, but it has been a very long time since his own appearance.